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Rebecca G.

"We have had only wonderful experiences with Dr Poggio. She is a great orthodontist, and the staff is so kind. I highly recommend Dr. Poggio."

R. Miller

"Dr. Poggio and the entire staff at Otay Lakes Orthodontics has basically been part of our life for 10 years. My daughter had many phases of work needing to be done at appropriate times of development with a multidisciplinary team and through the years this office has taken such good care of my daughter as if she was their own. The great care, planning and working with me, my daughter and every step of the way has been nothing short of a blessing.

They created an amazing smile that was not just cosmetic but necessary. I cried happy tears many times with each phase and now at the end of our journey, we cannot be more grateful for this office and their love, kindness and talents in creating a beautiful smile! Not just on my daughter but for myself as well! I too was a patient of Dr. Poggio for a short while and know first hand how terrific they are! #forevergrateful"

Raul P.

"We have been with Otay Lakes Othodontics since day one with two of our children, Dr. Poggio and her team always go above and beyond. They are Professional, attentive, Kind and most importantly, knowledgeable. Always ready help in any way possible. I would highly recommend without any reservation."

Jose G.

"My daughter’s teenage years and future smile has drastically improved thanks to the dental work that she underwent by Dr. Poggio and her amazing staff at Otay Lakes Orthodonthics.

My daughter was beautiful and happy since the day she was born, but she started to lose confident in herself as she started noticing that her smile was not as beautiful as she would want it to be. She was at the point in her childhood were she was starting to be self aware and worried of what others would think of her, leading to not wanting to smile as much as she used to (due her not being confident about her teething smile).

As I parent I wanted my daughter to have the confidence and smile that she deserved (as we all want for our kids). My wife and I did our much needed research and fortunately found Otay Lakes Orthodonthics.

Every orthodontist visit was painless and motivational as every visit had rewarding progress. My daughter would always look forward to her visits as she knew that her teeth were getting better and better by the visit.

Now my daughter can’t seem to stop smiling and “cheesing” in every picture that she takes or person that she meets. This was honestly one of the best investments that we’ve ever made... my child’s confidence and bright smile is priceless!

I would recommend Dr. Poggio to anyone that’s trying to give their children a brighter smile. Thank you Dr. Poggio and staff!

Very Respectfully, A happy, grateful and satisfied parent."

Elizabeth N.

"Dr. Poggio and her amazing team are wonderful! I recommend them to anyone of all ages. My whole family got all there ortho work and we are all more than satisfied with our outcome. We had lots of options great payment plan and the front desk is so hopeful in rescheduling appointments."

Jill L.

"Lovely staff. It’s like sweetness central. The people are genuinely caring and lovely. The times when I have needed reassurance that my child’s plan was on track, I was clearly shown all that I needed to see. It’s a nice place for your teen to start self care and take over their success in orthodontia if you choose Invisalign. I have been very happy with my child’s multi-phasic plan."

Jacob F.

"After many years of treatment from these very professional, passionate, and experienced orthodontists, my experience went wonderfully from beginning to end. The atmosphere was friendly, there was never a time where I didn't want to go (unlike my dentist), and it was clear that the status of my teeth was their number 1 priority. Procedures would be done with the utmost precision and there was never any instances where pain was a problem. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best orthodontic care in Chula Vista."

Heather D.

"Dr. Poggio and all the staff are amazing. I have been coming here for the past two years, to prepare for jaw surgery and Dr. Poggio worked closely with my surgeon to ensure everything was excellent. I cannot express it enough they are top notch amazing."  

Jane C.

"All staff is always welcoming and efficient. They answer all questions and think of situations that may not cross my mind & may affect the care. They are always very timely with service. I always recommend this office to my friends & family for orthodontic needs."

Mayo P.

"Dr. Poggio and her entire staff made my daughter’s visit today an amazing experience! She was so excited and a bit nervous about getting her braces but everyone made her feel so comfortable and at ease. She came out smiling from ear to ear! Thank you so much to everyone at Otay Lakes Orthodontics! You are all amazing!"

Brandi S.

"The best orthodontist in Eastlake! The staff is amazing and very personable and I always feel that my children are in the best of dental care seeing Dr. Poggio."